Cards! Cards! Cards!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It seems like all I did last week was make cards. I don't mind. I love making cards! It makes me think of the person I'm creating them for, how much they mean to me and all the great memories we've had together. The "You Complete Me" Card was what I used for Sarah's Birthday card. Even just looking at this guy brings up a flood of memories, tons of laughing, and lots of quiet moments just hanging out in our room. I miss that girl so much!

I also had to set about creating thanks yous for all the awesome birthday presents I received. This was a quick solution and probably one of my more ingenious ideas. I love love love these Basic Grey papers. They made my job ten fold easier just by existing! Of course, I had to have them all...and the matching buttons...and the matching brads. What can I say, here's another not so secret obsession of mine.

I don't care. What I do makes people happy (at least I'd like to think so). I love getting cards, so why wouldn't anyone else. I firmly believe that if someone randomly pops into your head, there's a reason for that. Perhaps things aren't going so well for them, perhaps they need a friend. I never over look those opportunities because you never know how something so little can have such an impact on someone who's down. Or how special a person can feel, just because they know you're thinking about them. Ok, done with my preaching! But this is something I do feel strongly about. I call people out of the blue all of the time, I write on their facebook walls, I send them e-mails and messages and if I have their address, I drop them a card. It's me. It's what I do.

This final card was the grand finale of my cardmaking for the past week. I wanted it to be over the top, out there and fun! It had to have an awesome theme because guess what, he's an awesome guy. It also doesn't hurt that our favorite TV show, How I Met Your Mother, features the infamously awesome Barney Stintson, and that it's a running joke between the two of us. I hope he likes it. I hope they all like my little thank you's and just feel appreciated. Because I appreciate each and everyone of them with my whole heart.


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