Belated Birthday

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So things have been a bit crazy around here. Sadly, it took me over two months to get around to finishing Mama's birthday present. She now has an orange "guest" room. Really its the room of acquisition i.e. everything that doesn't have a place to go, ends up in there. She's got some good plans though. Once I move out, it'll be the new guest room and these will be a few of the "art" features. From my lofty point of view at least.

Anyway, I was the requisite photographer for both of these photos on our grand tour of Italy and the few days they spent with me in London. I loved getting to share my home with them and getting to traipse around Italy for a few days, riding around in the Panda Fiat we rented and listening to "Bella" the name we picked out for our GPS navigator. Papa played Mario Andretti and Mama took to reading magazines as the gorgeous Tuscan countryside flew by. C'est la vie!

Once I got around to working on these, I thoroughly enjoyed using orange almost exclusively. It's such a warm color and has me all amped up for the Fall. Which according to Matt, will start next week. At least temperature wise. Can't wait!


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