Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Fiction is not fact, but fiction is fact selected and understood, fiction is fact arranged and charged with purpose."
Thomas Wolfe

This project has been a labor of love for the past few months. I was very inspired to create something recycled and then it slowly became the theme. It's a reading log I've been using to keep track of my recent literary undertakings. While books might not be the most recycle friendly product on the planet, I could never do without them. Even now, the two bookshelves in my room are heaving with my not so secret addiction. I've already told Matt, "babe I think I need one more" (bookshelf that is). And then the crazy man goes and gets me a B&N giftcard for my birthday!

It's a disease I tell you, a disease!! I can't stop buying and I can't keep myself away from the alluring smells and bright lights of 10 pm tea run to my nearest B&N. Nor can the Dora the Explorer in me, stop myself for meandering through the rooms of my favorite second hand bookstore. What treasures to be behold on these laden shelves! I keep promising myself that one day I'll stop. That one day I'll have enough. But I think the true definition of an addict is one who can't stop and one who won't stop. I think I'll just have to suffer through this one...


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