Box in a Box

Saturday, December 12, 2009

For the longest time, I had a huge mental block about what to get/make for Matt. After an anniversary, his birthday and now Christmas bang bang bang in a row, I must admit I didn't quite know what to make for him. Then inspiration struck! I've always wanted to give a box within a box within a box present and here was my golden opportunity.

The smallest box is 4x4 and contains a special deck of playing cards I had made. Matt and I are big Gin players. We've pretty much worn out our tired old deck of playing cards. So using my love of photographs and our mutual affection for cards, I combined the two and had a deck with our photo on it created thanks to! The accompanying card clearly took inspiration from our deck. I shredded the rest of the cards and used it as a sort of confetti nest in the box. [Pictured below]

The second box was full of Airheads, his favorite candy. I was trying to think of some creative way to make a candy card and Christina Aguilera's Candyman song was stuck in my head on repeat! Since Matt's a big fan to begin with, I just figured I'd use her for the card as well. Cutting the patterned paper to alternate and have a slight curve was no easy task. I had to number and plot out everything before I stuck it down. I was so happy that the Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses line coordinated so beautifully with the photo! I added Diamond Glaze to all of the joints for a more cohesive candy-esque look. Added the Eskimo Kisses chipboard embellishments and an American Crafts Home Glitter Embellishment and viola!

The last card was lemon inspired because lemons are one of Matt's and my couple-y things. When I travel, I crave salt like nobody's business! So before we took the Eurostar back to London, we stopped at a quaint Parisian grocery store, not too far from the Eiffel Tower, and purchased a lemon and some salt. He was totally disgusted/flabbergasted that I could sit there and eat a lemon like an orange and he's teased me about it ever since. Now I have the poor boy hooked on lemons and he makes sure to have them around whenever I visit. So the final box is filled with vase filler lemons and Lemonhead candy. I dressed up the lemons by typing out a quick "I love you because..." sentiment and tied them around each lemon with the baker's twine.

Each box is going to be wrapped and nested in the next biggest box. And each box contains one of the handmade cards I created, along with the appropriate "gift". It's something small and silly but I hope it makes him smile none the less!


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