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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!!

I can't believe this year is coming to a close. It hasn't been the best year. In fact it's been the most difficult year to date, for me at least. But I've learned a lot and I'm excited to see what's in store for 2010. There's no where to go but up, right?
Since this is a scrapping blog, I thought I'd take the time to map out some of my 2010 Goals (not resolutions) for my favorite creative outlet. Being the MBA that I am, I of course had to make sure that each of my goals are SMART.

S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Achievable
R: Realistic
T: Time Conscious

Without out further adieu, here are my dreams, hopes and wishes ;) for 2010!
  1. Tackle my Europe/Asia Photos: Although this has seemed so daunting to me in the past, I have to get it done! These photos represent the best year of my life! What better way to celebrate them, than to scrapbook them! Each month, I'd like to work on a specific country, in order to not be too overwhelmed. By the end of 2010 I might not have every country tackled but I'll at least have made a significant dent in all of these amazing photos!
  2. Stay consistent with Urijah's Baby Album: I've been horribly lax with keeping up with the life and times of Urijah John! I'll scrapbook a page here and there but they're so varied and inconsistent. Entire months of his young life are missing! I'd like to start from the beginning and work my way up to the current. Each month, I'd like to create at least 2 layouts for all 3 (count 'em) of his scrapbooks.
  3. Incorporate new Scrapping Techniques: In 2009, I incorporated the use of mists, mini books, border punches and a personal die cutting machine, into my scrapping repertoire. In 2010 I'd like to also explore sewing on pages, embossing, and delving into the digi world, as resolutions for my technical abilities.
  4. Maintain and Enhance the Blog: I have a lot of new and exciting (at least for me) ideas for amping up this blog! You can expect project updates, tutorials, small RAKS and my biggest surprise yet. {Shh! It's under wraps until the New Year!} It isn't realistic for me to blog everyday, but I am bound and determined to post at least twice a week. I hope you'll be back to join in on the fun!
  5. Participate in a Scrapping Community: I am privileged to be part of an online community over at 2Ps. We're gearing up for the New Year and planning, in advance, the Young Scrappers swaps and crops. Every quarter we hope to do an ATC swap and once every 4 months, an online crop. I'd also like to participate in local crops, in an effort to meet new people in the scrapping community. I have my first crop in 6 years coming up next weekend. I'm bubbling with excitement! I hope to be able to join in a crop once a quarter as well.
  6. Budget! Budget! Budget! I'll be the first to admit that I went hog wild this year, with all of my scrapping purchases! I have enough supplies to sustain my scrapping as well as the scrapping of a small country! Inevitably, it's time to pull back the reins and focus more on the using than the purchasing. My goal is to only spend $50 a month, with 3 months alloted for a $100 spree. That's $750!! Which sounds like a lot of money, but I actually spent double that at 2Ps alone {Gulp!}, this past year =/ Yeah, it's definitely time for some tough love on my part.
Well, that's my small, but none the less easy, list of goals for scrapping in 2010. I'm excited about this upcoming year and for all of the wonderful opportunities to explore in my community, throughout the world, and within in myself.

Wishing you all a blessed and bountiful 2010!


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  1. this really, really inspired me jamie! ive been mulling over all the diff aspects of my 2010 *GOALS* (personal, scrapping & crafting, career, etc) and im def going to sit down over the weeken and really get them all organized and mapped out. and the crafting ones posted. im looking so, so fwd all our our 2peas activities!