Urijah Update

Saturday, December 5, 2009

So it's been awhile since I created a layout of my favorite little guy! His mama has graciously been sending us nearly weekly photo e-mails. We're always so excited to receive them and literally crowd around the computer to view them 1, 2, sometimes 3 times. He's just the most beautiful thing to us. It's hard not to see my brother's face reflected back in his cherubic baby cheeks!

These were the photos she sent us from Halloween. We were all very excited that he was a little "kelekon". {You know there's a story coming...} So when Johnny was little he went to the doctor and after his visit he got to pick out a little toy. Standard practice (pun intended) in a pediatrician's office. One day, he came home with a little pink plastic skeleton which he rather adorably called his kelekon. It's something we've teased him about over the years. Along with his infamous "I'm scared of the baths {bats}" quote.

Needless to say, it was perfection that Christin chose this to be his Halloween costume. It also doesn't hurt that my mother has a large affinity for skulls and pirate contraband. You should see the beach house! We even have a pirate ship and a glass bottle of vodka shaped like a skull sitting on top of our refrigerator. Not to mention the pirate flag they cheerfully hoist, out back on the canal. She even got my dad a pair of skull and bone flip flops! It's a sick obsession really but we love her for it anyhow. Her contribution was the pirate beanie Urijah's sporting. Sadly, it got cropped out in the printing. But he definitely was the cutest little kelekon you ever did see!

Another obsession of mama's and mine is Urijah's baby clothes. We go hog wild in our local Target, picking out his little outfits. He's growing so fast! So there you have our excuse for all of his new clothes ;) This has to be one of our favorites. I mean, how can you beat footie onesies?! You just can't! And especially on our cute little trucker! He also looks great in bright colors and this outfit was nothing if not bright. We especially loved the little button butt on this onesie. I had to memorialize it in the best way possible, with a scrapbook page of course!

Buttons where the theme, so I made sure to include plenty of 'em. I hand stitched around the edges to achieve the "patch" look of his outfit. And using inspiration from a challenge over at 2Ps, I journaled in the form of a list. It came together rather quickly and I'm happy with the result and proud that I was able to add a few more pages to Urijah's scrapbook. Poor child is going to be scrapbooked to within an inch of his life...


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  1. Awww, he's such a cutie! Isn't it so fun to scrap a baby?! When my good friends had a baby girl, I jumped at the opportunity to do some baby pages!