December to Remember

Saturday, December 5, 2009

We shall see if it is. It's definitely going to be a different Christmas. Its our first holiday without Uncle Joe. I'm not going to get all mopey and sad because I have to remember that he's no longer suffering. Which is truly the most comforting part of knowing he's no longer with us. It's still hasn't hit me though. That he won't make his yearly appearance, give everyone a hug and then be out the door. I'm so thankful that I caught him before he left 2 years ago. We took one of the few photos I have, of just the two of us.

But anyway, I made this memorial page as a Christmas present for my Nana. I know this is going to be so difficult for her especially. They were best friends. So with Nana in mind, I made sure to add as much red and bling as I could. Prima truly did all of the work for me. Finding that poinsettia really set the tone for this layout and inspired the rest of the design. I also simply adore MM's Mistletoe line. I used it in about every holiday craft this year, including my Christmas cards. I wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season this year!


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