Run/Walk: Week 1

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I did it! I started :)

I darn if I don't feel good about doing it!

And thanks to my new Nike + ap, I have a fairly accurate record. It even keeps a continuous tally so I'll know when I've met my 100 mile goal!

Something that I figured out, and what has already helped me, is that I like productive walks. I like walking to somewhere, as opposed to just walking for the sake of walking.

So my plan is simple: I take my work out clothes with me to work everyday, change in the bathroom and then walk along my bus route until it's time for me to hop on a bus.

It's totally revolutionary for me!

5 walks since 6/1, with a total of 10.31 miles done. I'm right on track to meet my goal =)



  1. Way to go!! I love the Nike+ app!

  2. I like the MAPMYRUN app it works really good also :)