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Monday, June 27, 2011

[Warning: Photo heavy!]

It's done and complete.
Another finished scrapbook to add to my shelf.
Could I add more photos to it? Probably.
But I won't for now.

For this year's album, I purchased a 12x12 American Crafts D-ring binder in Black.
And then I decided I wanted a variety of page sizes.
I'm all for either perfectly uniform (see last years book) or entirely random. And random was definitely how this book turned out.

I broke it down last year, so I'll do it again:

There are 35 pages in this book.
Of the 726 photos that were taken, I incorporated exactly 100 into those 35 pages.

Something new I did this year was to record a video of Grandma & Grandpa going through the scrapbook. There's nothing dynamic about it, but listening to it could be enlightening. They were so cute looking through it all. My serious Papa (he really didn't want to be filmed!) not really getting into it until he turned the page on the Christmas photos. I'm so glad that I decided to film it!

Since there is so much going on, my advice is to hit play, listen to their words and scroll through the pictures (all of which have been blogged individually and can be found by clicking: Urijah).

Thank you, bloggy friends, for coming along for the ride on this one :)

Double page shots, so you can see what's peeking through!


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  1. really incredible jamie-cakes! your pages are consistently amazing and to see them all together is fabulous! i love the variety of sizes! really great job doll!