Mind the Gap

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This month's Studio Calico kit is London themed! My all time favorite theme, city, place, etc.

My original painting. It's hanging over my bed :)

So you can imagine my excitement about entire kit dedicated to one of my true loves!

But I have to admit, I was a underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, Studio Calico is a lovely company and the kit is just fine. I just didn't get the connection between the "theme" and the products. And I'm all about that particular theme!

I just don't see London anywhere.

Where is my Underground sign stamp? Or at least the reds and blues?!

Where are my amber ciders? My frothy glasses and water soaked bars?

Where is my black cab stamp?!

Where are my cramped row houses? And my Jane Austen inspired ephemera?

There's not even one clock or telephone booth or tea cup in the kit!! Basically, there are a million ways to draw inspiration from London, and SC missed the mark on this one.

Or, it could be that it's so near and dear to my heart that nothing can ever live up to hype.
Yeah, I'll go with that one :)

Cheers, bye!

P.S. This whole blog post is meant in jest to highlight my deep, true and everlasting love for London. I will continue on with my subscription at Studio Calico bc they're kits are fun and pretty! In my opinion, they just mislabeled the kit this one time.

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