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Monday, July 12, 2010

Now if there's anything that can and will immediately transport me to a different time and place, it's the movie Pride and Prejudice. But not in the way you think. While I adore the movie and get so wrapped up in the intricacies of 17th century English life, the pining love of Mr. Darcy for Elizabeth Bennett and the strength of dear Lizzy's character, that version of England isn't the one I'm referring to. I'm thinking more 21st century London to be exact.

I'll let my journaling tell the rest:

You could call us the Pride and Prejudice girls and we'd be ok with it. That's what you get when you share a flat with 3 other girls, utter estrogen! I mean we're girls, right? We love to dress up, get made up, talk about boys, dream about falling in love, all that gooey girly stuff. And it just gets magnified when you throw 4 of us together! Truth be told, none of us are very girly girls, but somehow we bring it out in each other.

P&P became the official mascot of Ability Towers, Flat 10. Not because we were a flat full of girls but because of dear Zahra. Now I adore that movie, but P&P is Zahra's favorite book. And when Zahra likes something, she loves it! Thus, the movie verison of her favorite novel was playing almost non-stop for the 6 months that we lived with each other. People would come in and out and remark every time, "hey weren't you watching that last time I was here?" Yes, we'd reply. We were. It was near constant background noise and I believe every one of us can quote it from beginning to end.

But I guess you can see how a movie about love can never get old, especially to a flat full of girls. [SPOILER ALRET!] No matter how many times I see the movie, I still get excited when Lizzy and Mr. Darcy get together in the end. It's such a timeless story. As four girls living in a big city, and a laregly romantic one like London to boot, it's no wonder P&P got so much play time. We were just four girls in a big city, looking for our own Mr. Darcy's.

Clearly, Pride and Prejudice was such a big part of my life in London, that I couldn't not include it in my scrapbook! I've always wanted to create a page about it, but didn't really know how until the 4th of July when I got to see my bestie Kori Hale for the first time since London. She graciously (let's face it she practically threw it at me) returned the copy of Pride and Prejudice that had been left in her DVD player. But, since I couldn't live without it, I'd already re-purchased my beloved film shortly after my return to the US. Thus, I now had an extra. And the original copy to boot! The one that got played literally hundreds of times in our flat!

That DVD became the focus and the inspiration for the page. The colors, the layout, the repeated shapes are all derived from it. American Crafts' Botanique line was practically made for this page, with its green and orange color scheme, so I couldn't not use this sheet of sunflower/daisy things.

I've also been hoarding this sheet from Collage Press' Christmas line, for the eventual page I was going to make of P&P. It's text directly from the book! How fabulous is that?!?! I only did minimal embellishing on this part, because I wanted the words to be the focus.

I'm so jazzed to have finally created this page about one seemingly tiny part of my life in London. But I will forever be connected to those girls and that movie. I love them all so much! Maybe one day we'll all be in the same room together again. I can only hope!

Happy Scrapping Yall!



  1. *siiiigh* i seriously love, love, love this! gorgeous & creative and PERFECT text paper!

  2. Awesome idea to use the DVD on your layout! One of your many ideas I'm going to have to steal sometime. And how perfect that the piece of pp was text from the book!

  3. I love that you used a DVD on this layout! I also really like how it's a 2 pager without using the same paper for the background on both pages.