Besos for Blarney

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Friday Lads! I'm soo happy that the weekend is here and that I can get in some uninterrupted scrap time. But despite my busy work schedule, I have been scrappily productive this week. Sharing my latest Europe pages today :)

I was going through and organizing my albums the other day, rearranging layouts, switching out albums; the whole nine yards. And it was during this process that I realized how few layouts I have from Europe! That was an entire year of my life and I only had a handful of layouts to show for. Right then and there, tackeling that massive pile of photos was added on to my summer goals.

The main reason that I've done so little pages is that there truly are over 10,000 photos of my year and a half abroad. If that doesn't seem daunting, I don't know what does! Its hard for me to even wrap my head around all the memories, mishaps, and quiet moments that are photographed. And even more mind boggling to consider where to begin documenting a project of that scale. So I've decided that I'm just going to approach it with a whittle down attitude. Even 1 layout is better than nothing, and even if it doesn't convey the entire story that I'd like to share. I'll get to them all eventually, I'm bound and determined to. I've even written it down!

The sad fact of the matter is, I've already begun to forget. I've been very fortunate to have experienced so much in my short life time. So much so, I have a confession to make: I'd already forgotten that I'd kissed the famous Blarney Stone! And I feel very bad about that! In only the few days of having my layout up at 2Ps, someone has already commented on how it's her dream to be able to kiss the Blarney Stone. It makes me seem unworthy in a way, to have had the opportunity to do something so fun, only to forget it so quickly.

I promise, I'm going to try to do better. And that's yet another reason that scrapbooking is so great. It helps me remember all of these moments from my life, that I know I would honestly have forgotten otherwise. I'll never ever forget kissing the Blarney Stone EVER again!

So here's the little bugger that's been causing me so much grief!

I mixed a bit of Studio Calico in with some Making Memories embellishments. LOVE that green flower paper from SC's Anthology line. I even bought a second piece bc the backside of it is equally as good! This 2 page layout however, was completed with only 1 sheet of that patterned paper. The gorgeous diagonal strip is on the B side and I cut it up to make it feature like tape. A while ago, I bought the ENTIRE Passport line from Making Memories and had not used a single bit until this layout. I've got to pull that stuff out more, the colors are too fabulous!

Oh and I have to point out the new cool product I played with on this layout. That gorgeous green trim atop the second page is a Fabrip, also from Studio Calico. Those things are AWESOME!! I will definitely be purchasing more :)
Also something new and exciting that I'm doing, creating multi size layouts for a single album. And pushing it a step further by not even creating a two page layout in the same size. The first page is 12x12 but the second is 8x8. I like the variety I'm getting and how I'm able to do different things with different sizes.

So yeah, lots of new and different. A few new resolutions, and a whole lot of scrapping! I'm loving the schedule I've worked out for myself and happy that even though I'm working, I can still make time to scrap! Thanks ladies, have a fabulous weekend!! Oh, and don't forget to stop back by Sunday for my first Hybrid Challenge for Ch{all}enge Masters! Cheers!


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  1. Scrapping is essential for me to remember all the small, large, special & everyday moments too! Love the pages. I can't wait to see more of the Europe pages!

    Are you storing all of these in a 12x12 d-ring album?

    p.s. Loving the new header!