Hybrid: Printing onto Tape

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hi, hello and welcome to my blog! If you've been before, know that I do appreciate you all so much. If you haven't before and this is your first time, well than a might big Texas "hi, yall" to you!

A little bit about me and my scrapping...Hi, I'm Jamie :) I'm 25, from Texas and currently living in San Antonio. I've been scrapping since I was 13, when I attended a Creative Memories party put on by an old teacher of mine. I've been hooked every since! For a brief time in college, I was an art and then a photography major (but ended up graduating with a business degree) so I have a bit of schooling in these awesome mediums! Fun facts, I've lived for various amounts of time in Spain, England and Thailand and L.O.V.E. to travel! It's my one true passion! I've been fortunate enough to have visited over 20 countries and have the goal to hit 30 by my 30th birthday. I also have a 14 month old nephew named Urijah whom I adore! He's my whole world so if you're ever wondering who that cute bebe is that I scrap all the time, it'd be him!

But enough about me, today I'm sharing my very first Hybrid Challenge for Ch{all}enge Masters! I'm so excited to be the new Hybrid Diva and hope that I'll help to inspire you all to think a bit more hybridly and maybe even help you bridge the gap between paper and digi scrapping.

Now if the term Hybrid is new to you, this is my not so technical definition. To scrap hybridly is to combine both traditional paper and digital elements into your scrapbook layouts. This can be achieved simply by printing out a title and including it on your page. If you print anything off of your computer and include it in a page, Bam! You've just made a hybrid layout.

My hybrid challenge for the month of July is to print onto something other than plain paper. In my example layout, I layered masking tape over my background paper and printed directly onto that. I think it has a really awesome texture and effect. I love that you can still see bits of the patterned paper vaguely underneath.

You can vary this challenge plenty of ways. You can print journaling, titles, digi elements onto transparencies, envelopes, brown paper bags, recycled packaging. Skies the limit!

This is a Hybrid layout I created of a day trip my parents and I took to Rome. We toured around Italy for 5 days, a few years ago when they visited me while I was living in London. Our home base was Florence/Tuscany but I coerced [read dragged] them around the country, determined to see as much of as it as I could. It was definitely a whirlwind trip but we had the best time!

I used two sheets of the Girls' Paperie On Holiday line for this 2 pager, perfect paper for travel photos! Also went for 8 1/2 x 11 page sizes which is new and different for me. Plenty of tape featured on these pages, loving how easy it is to use and manipulate.

Well there you have my first Hybrid challenge. Phew, glad that's over with. Wasn't too bad ;) I hope you'll play along or at least approach your next layout with a new idea to consider. Happy Scrapping!



  1. Wow! I had no idea the journaling was on masking tape. What a great idea!