Technique Tuesday...except not!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't you just love the sound of "Technique Tuesday"? How it just rolls off the tongue?! Well, today (rather tonight, eeking it in under the wire) I have a technique post for ya, but sadly it isn't Tuesday. We'll just have to make do :)

This month I'm hosting the technique challenge over at Scrapbook Challenges. I love issuing challenges! The hardest part for me, is picking exactly what to choose as the official challenge. So this time, I'm not. In my sample page below, I used not one, not two, but five different techniques that I'd love for you to somehow incorporate into one of your upcoming projects!

Here they are in no particular order:
  • cutting designs/patterns from patterned paper and using them as accents
  • printing journaling onto transparencies
  • using photos from different days/events
  • creating a page based on a story
  • crafting a card from your layout scraps

How I Caught the Travel Bug

I've had the idea to do this page, written down in my little notebook, for awhile now. I'm so happy I finally put photo to paper and got it done! It all started with this funny little story, anecdote really, about my great grandmother. She was notorious for just up and leaving, and not letting people know where she was until she got there! She loved to travel and passed that down to me Papa who passed it along to me.

I really wanted to capture the idea of the three of us traveling, at different times, in different places. I like using photos that aren't from the same day or event; and for this layout in particular, it helped to reiterate the story. I would have liked to handwrite my journaling, but typing it up allowed for more words and I didn't want the story I was attempting to tell, to suffer. For a more cohesive design, I opted to print onto a transparency. Because as my love David Bromstead always says, (note: he's typically talking about lucite furniture) "it doesn't carry visual weight."

Now as far as I what I used for this layout, I have to say right out the gate, I love me some travel themed products! My beady little eyes will scope out any and every last item in a given store. Which is why I was so excited for this month's Studio Calico kit. I hit buy on that sucker faster than an accelerating jet plane! Plus, I was just anxious to see what all of the hype was about. I have to say, I really love the products but I'm not so sure about the kit aspect. I just don't create that way. But I'm giving this concept a shot and for next week, I want to create some layouts trying to only use my kit. We'll see how it all plays out!

But back to this page, I cut into that gorgeous green map of the world paper and am now totally in love! I used a tiny bit for the layout and also for the card I created from my layout scraps. There weren't many because I didn't use a whole lot of paper on this one, just a lot of die cuts. I had a huge brain wave when I realized that in misting the MM's corrugated alpha, I'd want to use the masked off version of "travel" for some project or other. Didn't occur to me until the end that I could totally use it on the card I planed to make!

My own personal mantra has been "wander aimlessly, get lost often" for some time now. People always ask where I got it from and I get to answer that I made it up! I even goggled it to make sure I hadn't subconsciously stolen it from somewhere else. But I don't think that I did. It's my best piece of travel advice. There's that other famous travel quote, something along the lines of the "journey isn't in reaching the destination". Hmm...that doesn't sound right either. But it's late and I'm gonna go with it. [Comment please, if you can root around in my fuzzy brain and figure out what it is that I'm trying to say!]

What can I say but that I love to travel! It's my favorite subject period. To talk about, dream about, scrapbook about. I'm so happy I made this page. It makes me feel so much more connected to this thing I love and to my family as well, for sharing those same ideals. Happy Technique-ing!


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