Scrapbook Inspirations

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Guess what I received in the mail the other day..... The new Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book!!

Wanna know why it has me all excited? It's my first time being published! Eeep! I'm beyond excited :D So pick up a copy, turn to page 66 and see one of my creations.

I had to snap some pics of it but figured I'd show my face in these. I feel like I haven't taken any good photos of myself in awhile so I prettied myself up for an impromptu photo shoot. (Kudos to Matt for being my photographer.) Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my post-pub glow!



  1. I have the magazine, and when flicking through saw the LO and loved it even more now I know its yours

  2. WOW Congrats. So exciting.
    I will go and pick up that magazine if we carry it here. Just to lok at your layout :)

  3. Congrats, Jamie! So exciting!