Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ah that word, don't you just love the sound of it! The romantic images it conjures, the street cafes, the cobblestone paths, lovely windy streets. It's also a word, I've recently learned, that not everybody knows.

Wanderlust. noun. A strong innate desire to rove or travel about. Check, check and check!

I did much better with this whole kit thing, this go around. In fact, Stephanie's Wanderlust layout was my main source of inspiration and the very reason I purchased the kit in the first place! I loved her clean, simple and graphic design and did my best to make it work for my own style and photo.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I liked my first kit. I'm not sure if I'll subscribe, since it is a travel themed one and I am a sucker for that particular theme, but I'm definitely considering it. What about yall? Do you subscribe to any kits? If so, which ones?



  1. Used to subscribe to Studio Calico..only reason I ended my subscription was cause I was trying to save money! I want to join again because I was NEVER disappointed in their kits.

  2. i LOVED my 6 months with studio calico, but -CONFESSION- i only once or twice made "kit layouts". i loved & used all the of the goodies but not JUST those goodies. i'm really jonesing for a new fabulous kit and to ONLY use the kit. no other papers, thickers, etc.

    and i love this page. i love all of your pages, esp travel ones. are those tamps on rub-ons, down the left hand side?

  3. uh, "tamps"? really? LOL. i meant stamps ;)