Classic, Amurrica!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

As promised, here are a few layouts I created for Week 1 & Week 2 Challenges over atCh{all}enge Masters.

We're from Amurrica!!

"Amurrica" is said in a way that only Monica has mastered! It sounds something like a deep country hillbilly and it was a running joke with the group of us out in London. It's funny people's perceptions of Americans, you never knew what people were going to say when they found out you were American. For the most part, no one judged. They were just interested in talking to someone from somewhere different.

My British co-workers were very interested to know what the big hoopla about the 4th of July was about. And even more tickled to find out that all of the Americans were going to be touring the river Thames, in celebration of our country's freedom...from the British. Oi!

I pretty much threw everything and the kitchen sink onto this layout. The shiny-er, the glittery-er, the jewely-er the better!! It also plays into three of the challenges over at CM; Blade Master, Go Green, and Technique! I used the Martha Stewart Loops edger punch for the Blade Master challenge and created a pinwheel for the Technique challenge. But my favorite part is what I did for the Go Green challenge. Did you notice the Coca-Cola label at the bottom? Yeah, I cut into a Coke can and using my scallop punches, punched out tin cut outs. You can't get any more American than Coke!

I love this page! It's just so symbolic of America for me. How we're such a melting pot of nations. Poland, Ireland, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Mexico, Africa make up our heritages, but we're still all Americans!


I decided I needed to add a bit to my feeble little All About Me album (I think there's only maybe 4 pages in there...) so I took on this week's Book of Me challenge and also incorporated my Hybrid challenge. And to boot, I used Sketch 208 from Scrapbook Challenges as the basis for my layout.

This month's Book of Me challenge is to create a layout about you favorites right now. Don't know why or how I came to it, (actually I mis-read the Daily Grind prompt so I do know how...) but I decided to create a page about my favorite jewelry and make-up. The stuff I wear everyday!

I wrote about my ring, my favorite earrings, the necklaces my mama gave me and my favorite nail polish. And I printed it out on a transparency to satisfy the Hybrid challenge. The flowers were cut using my handy dandy Slice, crumpled them up to give them some texture and finished off with a Prima sequined center and a Making Memories Pearl brad.

See, our challenges aren't so bad. And you can combine a few to create some really interesting pages! I hope you'll stop by and maybe participate in a challenge or two :) Happy Scrapping!


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