{All} Week 3 Challenges

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back again with the Week 3 challenges from Ch{all}enge Masters! Let's start with the rules:

The rules for all of the Ch{all}enge Master challenges are as follows:
  • Each submission must be a newly created project specifically for the challenge.
  • Only one entry per category.
  • Challenges may be combined, but each submission is one entry no matter how many challenges are entered.
  • Each submission must be uploaded to the proper folder in our gallery no later than 11:59PM ET on July 31, 2010 to be eligible for the random draw.
  • Each submission must follow ALL requirements of the challenge to be eligible for the random draw. For example, if the challenge states blue must be used, then there must be some blue in the project in order to qualify.
Calendar Challenge by Karen P
For my challenge you will create a layout choosing at least 2 things from each list below, now if you think of something that is not on the list but starts with the indicated letter, you may also use that.

Here is the list:
J-Jewels, Joy, Juice, Java, Jungle, Jingle, Journaling, Jump
U-Underline, Umbrella, Unforgettable, Unbelievable, Unexpected, Under, Ultimate, Up
L-Lavendar, Lilac, Letters, Lace, Laugh, Look, Love, Lazy, Limegreen, Layer, Live, Life
Y-Yellow, Yesterday, Yard, You, Year, Youth, YoYo
This month we're going to try "journaling by definition". Make a layout on any subject you wish. The challenge is to choose one word that describes your layout and/or photo(s) and use the actual dictionary definition of the word on the page. You can use those definitions you have in your stash, or make it like I did is up to you.
This month I picked Suzanna's LO. I love the design, colors & the beautiful photo on this page. Please use this LO to get your inspiration. Have fun!
This is my first time actually making up the sketch for you all here at CM so I hope you will like it and find it usable. Please feel free to make it your own since the finished product is going into your scrapbook! Please post your entry to the gallery and also into this thread! Enjoy!
Take an existing stamp and look at it "outside the box" of what it was originally intended for. For example, your heart stamp can be used to make a shamrock or a flower or butterfly wings, etc. Please either include a photo of the original stamp (as it was intended to be used) or describe it really well so we know exactly what it was and a photo of your challenge. This challenge can be incorporated into a layout or made into a card, your preference.
For this month my ch{all}enge theme is 'tool time'. I want to focus on those tools that we all have in our stash but are just collecting dust these days...you go to a crop or a class and they demonstrate the newest must have tool, so you buy it, try it out for a bit and then it just sits on a shelf..well this month I want you to get those tools out and actually use them! Maybe its a border punch, or a pair of decorative scissors, your Cuttle bug or a particular CB folder that you've not used in ages or sizzix, even your xyron sticker maker, look around I bet you have something just collecting dust. Blow it off and put it to use at least once this month! Make sure you let me know what tool it was! I'm curious to see what we've got just hanging around.


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