Sketchbook 3 Review

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have just one photo to share with you tonight, and this is it...

All 13 of the layouts I made using Kelly Purkey's Sketchbook 3! So before the next Sketchbook comes out, just wanted to throw out my review.

This is the 2nd Sketchbook class I've taken, the first (original Sketchbook) I won as a commenter on Lisa T's blog! Which I thought was super nice, wicked cool, awesome! =)

What made it even more awesome was that the class was done in April! And that was just too perfect since Urijah's birthday is April 20th. Which gave me the chance to make my way through the hoards of photos I'd let creep up on me.

Back then the class was 12 days long, which meant we got a sketch every day. Eeep! I fell behind but did catch back up. (Full disclosure, I wasn't working at the time so this was much easier to do).

What I liked about the class wasn't necessarily the sketches, those are abundant and free all over the web! But I did like the community and how I was "held accountable" or at the least, I wanted to be able to join in on the private message board that's up on the Studio Calico site. Getting to link up my layout based on the day's sketch was very motivating for me.

And it was the exact same this go around. I wanted to share along with everyone else! But this time, we had 3 days between sketches which was a genius adjustment.

This time also, the sketches were good, but the inspiration was awesome! Ali Edwards, Liz Kartchner and many other very talented ladies joined in on the Sketchbook fun. I found myself lifting layouts more so than following along with the sketch.

But no matter, I came away from the class with 13 lovely layouts! 8 more for Urijah's album and 5 bonus travel pages =)

I do have to comment that the $28 price point is very high for what you get. I wish it were closer to the $20 range. But there's not much to be done about that. I guess you could say I paid $2.15 per layout for inspiration. On top of my supplies! Yeah it adds up. But the inspiration is good and the community fun.

I think that I will probably only take the class if/when it's held in April. It's helps to push me over the edge when it comes to Urijah's yearly album.

So in summation, Sketchbook is a good, albeit slightly over priced class with lovely inspiration and a great community.

Perhaps see you next April?!


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