Enlarged Prints

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Every once in awhile I place a Persnickety Prints order. Mainly, I have them print odd and enlarged sizes because most everything else can be done here at home with my handy little PictureMate.

This month, I printed an instagram shot at 8x8 and a few of my Italy shots at 5x10. And I just wanted to quickly share two pages I made using these lovely enlarged prints.

For Memorial Day this year, me and a group of friends headed down to the beach house for a weekend of relaxation and togetherness. I made sure to get a group shot of all their lovely faces (and of course Joey being silly) and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the instagram shot. Good to know that these can be blown up!!

I used the So Cal kit + Newport & Venice Beach add-ons and die cut some of my patterned paper scraps into those cute little tags (Papertrey Ink die cut).

Then, I added tape around the edges and letter stickers for the title & subtitle.

And finished it off with those awesome speech bubble stamps from the Venice Beach add on. Love that I got to highlight the majority of them. Having all these people in the photo helped with that!

Here's another layout I did with one of the 5x10 prints. It's a scraplift of this fabulous layout by naomiatkins, that I unearthed from the Studio Calico gallery.

Like Naomi, I played with sunbursts and doilies. But I also added some buttons & butterflies and that cute little pennant flag.

There was a bright patch of blue sky in the upper left hand corner that I covered up with a die cut tag and some letter stickers. The brilliant blue was clashing with the soft colors of the layout!

I even scraplifted Naomi's lovely title. So simple and sweet.

It's always fun working with enlarged prints. But the photo has to be really special for me to want to focus an entire page on just the one. Both of these qualify, the first because it showcases everyone who came out on Memorial Day. The second, because it's a great proof of visit shot with lost of context. Plus I look kind of cute :)

Do you scraplift enlarged photos? Would love to have you share in the comments, a favorite page if you do!

cheers & besos,


  1. Love the large photos! I had no idea instagram photos would look that good printed at that size!

  2. Loving these pages - I want to try larger photos now after seeing your pages! And such a fun idea for the speech bubbles. I may have to try that too! :)