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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The lovely Pegg left me a comment a few weeks back asking,
pegg has left a new comment on your post "Southern Gate":

Wondering if you just scrap highlights from your travels? How do you deal with all your other photos from your trip? I struggle with this! 
I wanted to share with yall a bit about how I go about choosing photos, especially photos from my travels.

For me, it just depends on the trip. Sometimes I have a lot of memories that I want to scrap and thus make more pages (China) or I might even make a mini book (Bali). Other times, just a photo or two from a trip will do (Belgium).

But I typically pick images that highlight the story the best, likely one or two focal photos and then incorporate some detail shots in after. There's no way I could scrap all of the photos from any given trip, and half of them are bad anyhow! :) 

And I never really sit down and say, "Right I'll work on all of these Cambodia photos until I'm done." I scrap what moves me. I've done quite a few pages for Istanbul, but still want to do more. There were so many things I wanted to capture from that trip.

So let me show you how I go about picking photos. I'll use my Italy pics as an example. My parents and I were there for 5 days in 2008 and over that time I took some 297 pictures. So a lot but not abundantly over the top. Of those 297 images, I pulled about 80 to scrapbook. In Pisa, for example I snapped 10 photos. Of those, I pulled 6 to actually scrap. But then we'll see how many actually make it into my scrapbook.

Here are my thoughts behind picking photos I printed.

Photo 01: Didn't make the cut. It's a random photo of the city that doesn't really show much. It could have been taken anywhere really.

Photo 02: Printed. This was my first glimpse of the Tower. I liked the context it showed and the relation of the Tower to the rest of the city.

Photo 03: Printed. The Tower in all it's glory. I had to include it!

Photo 04: Printed. My parents just looked too cute. Love that I captured proof of their visit!

Photo 05: Printed. Another proof of visit photo :) Me and my Papa. He's sitting or leaning on something because believe me, he's much taller than I am!

Photo 06: Didn't make the cut. I didn't print this one because 1) I don't like how I look really in it 2) I already have 2 "tourist" photos. 3 would have been too many.

Photo 07: Didn't make the cut. This is just one corner of the larger building that I know nothing about. It doesn't hold any significance for me so I left it out.

Photo 08: Didn't make the cut. Same as above. Couldn't tell you what this was & really it's nowhere near as interesting as the Leaning Tower!

Photo 09: Printed. I liked the different angle and being able to include the statue in the foreground.

Photo 10: Printed. I liked the composition of this photo & differing perspective it offers. It gives you much more context.

And that's it! Only 6 of the 10. I'll more than likely try to incorporate these into a double page layout and finally use some of those Double Take prompts! The photos will be printed in varying sizes depending on the ones I want to highlight the most.

I pulled these to scrap with my So Cal Studio Calico kit, which should be here next week! So excited to play with it and the 2 (count 'em) add-ons I ordered to go with! I think the kit will do wonders for my Italy pics, especially these overcast images. Can't wait to play and then to show and tell!

I'll ask the question of you all, because I know we all do things differently. How do you handle vacation/travel photos? Do you scrap them all? How do you pick and choose? I would love to hear!

Thanks Pegg for the great question. As always, I'm happy to answer anything yall throw my way. As well as I can of course :)

cheers & besos,

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