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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So I think I'll not be doing green & blue layouts again any time soon. 35mm is officially put to rest. But I have to show you 2 more pages I made with the kit. It's a double page layout! Although not a very traditional one, as one page is 8 1/2 x 11 and the other is 12 x 12. ...and they don't really match match. But they're from the same place! So let's just pretend it's a true double page, deal? ;)

I figured something out while using these hexagons. While I love the look, I find them so hard to work with! I literally had to force myself to use this paper. And it was just a happy accident that the leftover piece I had was exactly 8 1/2 in. wide with the cute little border strip.

Layering was my method for tackling the hexagons. It made them more "star" like for some reason and stars I can work with.

The second half of this page was inspired by a old Sketch Wednesday prompt from Celine's blog. Loved the look of 4 vertical 4x6s. I brought the hexas along on this page as well, using 2 different patterned papers.

This tag is one of those happy accidents. I thought I'd spray it yellow but then it just made the already tan tag even more tan. Then I sprayed with a more sunshiny yellow and that just looked a hot mess. So I hit it with brown which looked ok but adding a last layer of gray over top sealed the deal. I love all of the color depth. It was vaguely reminiscent of the mossy surfaces of the statues themselves.

This day is one I won't ever forget. Traveling with your best friend, what more can one ask for? We couldn't resist taking silly photos with these various serious statues.

And here's the 2 pages side by side.

I love mixing it up and included both 8 1/2 x 11 and 12 x 12 in the same album. Do you do this too? I went extreme in Urijah's Year 1 album with the above sizes as well as 8x8 & 6x6. Check it out here.

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  1. Love your travel pages! Wondering if you just scrap highlights from your travels? How do you deal with all your other photos from your trip? I struggle with this!