Sketchbook 4| No. 10

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I interrupt my orderly and sequential posting to bring you this Sketchbook layout. That would be Sketch No.10. Ack, my OCD is going crazy at posting these out of order! But I wanted to get it up in time to upload it to the 2Peas gallery to get another Glitter Girl badge. I'm devious that way... and a collector of shiny things, be they virtual or otherwise.

But anyways, back to my post. Pretend this is in order!

Here's my take on Sketchbook 4's No. 10 sketch. Love that I got to feature all of those lovely instagrams. 

It's a travel page, my favorite of course! But it's not overtly travel which I like. It's also fairly simple. I used Chap paper  & a badge (LOVE), some Studio Calico travel stamps, a wood veneer airplane (which btw, I wish the whole abroad pack had been planes and nothing more!) and some letter stickers.


I definitely picked the better route this go around, i.e. holiday first, business trip second. Priorities! And at least I wasn't sick, as the UK is want to leave me. I didn't want a repeat of Istanbul, which I still managed to make the most of, but was no where near 100%.


Oh Lisbon, I can scarcely believe I was drinking in your sunny goodness only mere months ago. I want to go back!

cheers & besos,

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