Sketchbook 4| No.11

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do you have sensory memories? Like when you smell or taste something and instantly brings you back to a particular place & time in your life? I had that the other day, when I was eating dried kiwi of all things.

The first time I ever had dried kiwi, I was on a train in China. It was a snack I picked up for the ride from Xi'an to Shanghai and thank goodness I did because we had no idea how long that ride would actually take! I remember being so hungry when we finally made it to Shanghai, all of our kiwi now gone.

I discovered it again in my local grocery store and picked some up to snack on. I'd forgotten that I'd eaten it that first time in China. But the second I tasted it, it brought me back to here, to the exact place in that photo and I knew I had to scrap it.

This has to be one of the most simple layouts I've ever made. There aren't a lot of products and not much dimension. It also photographed terribly. But I love the memory I captured.

I used the 35mm kit + Ditto Letter Stamps + Orchard Mister Huey/Red Maya Mist & some Prima Fluid Edger Chalk ink (love this stuff, it's like butter!)

Journaling Reads: This is how I travel, 2nd, even 3rd class if need be. I know this could be someone else's nightmare, sleeping 2 ft away from a perfect stranger. But if it measn getting where I need or want to be, I'll do it. This was the mother of all train rides, from interior China (Xian) to the coast at Shanghai. It was least 13 hours, probably more. I felt safe and content in my little berth, the boys above me if I needed any help. Plus, it was a breeze compared to traveling 3rd class, sitting upright knee to knee on a crowded train. Some of my most vidi travel memories are from these Chinese trains. We got to experience the whole spectrum on this trip.

And because it's not wildly apparent, those black things down at the bottom are my knees. See! I'm in the photo too =)

Even though the page ended up not having anything to do with kiwi, it's what sparked the memory. Thank you kiwi, for helping me not to forget!

cheers & besos,

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