Friday, August 31, 2012

Are you sick of Japan photos yet? I'm kind of getting there. But no! I must stay strong. I'm so close to being done! Bear with me if you please =)

So as not to get stale, I put the Summer of 69 kit away and just started to play. I found a few sheets of fun paper I hadn't yet bit into, this bamboo pattern from Amy Tangerine's first line and a strip of new Basic Grey. I decided to dress up the bamboo with random bits of tape to give that side of the layout some color.

It was definitely cloudy that day. We even got rained on! So I was happy to cut a bit out of the B side of the bamboo paper (then covered it up with my photos) and to bust out my ill used cloud punch.

"On a rainy day at Enoshima, Sarah, Andy and I did a bit of exploring. I tried some green tea & sweet potato ice cream and we walked up a ton of stairs to see the temple grounds. It was gloomy & we got rained on, but I'm happy I got to visit this quaint little sea side spot, only a few train stops from Zushi."

cheers & besos,

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