Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This may likely be my most favorite page I've ever created. It's a might but a strong might. It's the colors!! And all of the fun embellishments!

Usually with photos like these, ones that have so many strong colors, I tend to tone down the embellishments so the photos stand out. But with these, I just went for it! If not now, when? Right?

I made a few tiny paper chains which were not as easy to make as I thought! I also made some rosettes and embellished with buttons, brads, and circle punched patterned paper. This is what made the Summer of 69 kit so rad. With all of these colors, I really got to play!

Journaling Reads:

The Japanese method of "prayer" was unique.
Step 1: Toss Coin Step 2: Clap Step 3: Bowed head

One of my favorite parts of culture crashing, is seeing local places of worship. These open temples in Japan, with their brightly colored paper chains and garland cranes was one of the most visually stunning "alters" I've ever seen.

cheers & besos,

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