LBD: Swell Guys

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back tracking a bit, but I wanted to make sure I shared this page that I made with the April Little Black Dress kit, Don't Worry be Happy.

SarahBeth tells me its one of her favorites, which made me feel special!

So you might be wondering what the story is here. And if you haven't gone through and read every word (and believe me there's a lot!!!), the abridged version goes something like this: 

Kevin took a picture with my camera and then put it in his pocket. I didn't think anything of it and then about an hour later thought I had lost my camera! In a panic I went back looking for it but it wasn't there. Again, in Kevin's pocket. We had split up at that point and I went home sad and dejected. But he wandered in, my camera in tow. The photos were a present for me, since they had to leave a group of hot girls behind, in order to return it. So yeah, swell guys =)

For this layout, I wanted it to look like a gossip magazine. So I converted the photos to black and white and added in the censored lines. (Silly rabbits!) I printed my journaling in two columns, again like a mag and then just went crazy with my mists. I used at least 10 colors on here.

The who/what/when/where went well with my theme so I filled those in with pen. After that, I was just a few Freckled Fawn veneers and some stamped cameras away from being done.

Seriously guys, if you're considering getting a LBD kit, I'd highly recommend picking up the Don't Worry be Happy. It's been my favorite to work with. Just look at all the pages I made with it!

cheers & besos,

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