Prague Double Page

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hey there! I'm still sharing crop pages. But I have to preface that by saying, I start a whole bunch of layouts while I'm cropping away from home, but rarely finish them there. There's always just a little something I need to add.

For this one, it was just about everything after the washi. Because I FORGOT MY ACRYLIC STAMP BLOCK!!! Ahhh, end of the world. But not really. I always forget that thing when I leave my work space and they aren't things I really want to re-buy. You only need so many of them, ya know?

I had fun using a bunch of stamp collections to "collage". I painted with some mist and over that with a bit of acrylic paint. Then I added strips of washi and mist splatters.

While I was at the crop, I totally lost my mojo! So what do when you've paid to scrap and aren't sure where to start. Well, just scraplift yourself! As I've done here and the original here.

I'm still not tired of this layout. I love the central design with all of the variety you get to add to a page. I nearly finished this page at the store, but came home to add the metal clocks and bits of yellow paper that match the "GO" flair I had added.

Although this wasn't really a two page design, I definitely wanted them to coordinate, since I planned for them to sit next to each other in my album.

I had a few more photos I wanted to add so I included a 6x12 in insert page that has 3 pockets and just slipped in a bunch of photos and a fun 4x6 card I decorated to coordinate with both pages.

I absolutely love how this spread turned out.

cheers & besos,

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