Fall Projects

Sunday, September 15, 2013

hi Hi HI! I took a bit of a break from blogging. 
Just trying to be realistic about my time and my to do list. 
Understanding that not everything is going to get done nor does everything have to be done. 
I'm not sure that I've been crazy busy or even busy really, but I've just spent some time focusing on other things. 
Like these projects below!

Every once in awhile I decide to make non-scrapbook projects. These are a few of 'em. 

My Mama was in town this weekend. She brought her dog, Cadie, who was introduced to my Mac. This was the first time either was exposed to the other species. So we were on full alert! And really wanting to be a bit closer to home. (FYI: They didn't get along well. But at least there wasn't any huge melt downs, or scratched or bit body parts, or bruised egos...)

We only made it out to Wal-mart, for some apartment things and a few plastic pumpkins. 
And to Hobby Lobby, because we decided we should make wreaths for our doors! 

We pinned a bunch of wreaths before falling in love with this one we saw for sale on Etsy. (Seriously, if you're into wreaths but don't have time to put one together, check out Courtney Mahler's Esty Shop)
I hand made the little pumpkin using burlap ribbon, twine, and crumpled shipping paper. It took me a bit to figure it out, but I think I got it together. Love how my first wreath turned out!

Mama made her own wreath with most of the same products. She wanted hers to be fuller. With a "bunch of stuff" as she would say. She also wanted to put more orange in hers which looks so pretty! Sorry for the blurry photo. I'll take a better one when I visit tomorrow.
Remember those pumpkins I mentioned earlier? Here's what they look like now. Originally, both were orange. But with a bit of spray paint, they've been totally reinvented. That metallic one looks sooo good guys. I was shocked at how it came out direct from the can, looking so metallic. I'm still not done with the white one I think. But at least the base is done.

I also made another large pumpkin out of chevron burlap (to die!) to complete this trio. I'm still deciding if these should live inside or out for the season. Right now they're in. And they're making me so happy for real Fall to start! I can't wait for cold weather, boots, scarvs, hot apple cider.

My favorite time of the year!

cheers & besos,

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