Bon Voyage

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My bestie Kim is about to embark on a new and exciting chapter in her life. Next week, she's moving to England to become a social worker in Kent. I'm so proud of her! For imagining that her life could be different, and then pursuing it! I'm also insanely jealous that she gets to move to my favorite bit of the world. While she won't be London, she'll be darn close enough to enjoy everything that this wonderland has to offer.

As, once upon a time ago, I use to live in London, Kim and I have been talking regularly about what she can expect, what she should do, pack and bring. It's nice to have something to offer someone, if only my advice. In keeping with that, I created a mini book/list of 50 things she should do and experience while she's in London.

I concocted a mini file folder out of red cardstock, added an Andy Warhol print of her majesty and being the punny girl that I am, titled my folder Pearls of Wisdom and added pearl embellishments to her necklace.

The theme was inevitably England and the color scheme reflected this. Red, white and blue were used throughout. I relied heavily on my Maya Mists. Using an onion bag as a mask for the red page, blocking some chipboard letters as a mask for a blue page, and then taping off the Union Jack for a silver page. These products are so versatile, I could have done the whole book with just them. I now need them in every color!

Then, I added some photos from my time in London, typed up a list of 50 things she should see and do and added a funny anecdote or two. [Note the bunny on a leash below. I will seriously never forget this day!] These amazing Martha Stewart travel stamps that I got on clearance for $4.99 added the final touches, along with a button and a sticker or two.

By far and away, this is one of my favorite projects and I feel that I might have to make my own one of these days. From the tiny (seriously, who doesn't love everything tiny) file folder, to the bright color scheme and the cute pictures, I wish I could keep this guy forever! But alas, it was made from Kimbo and to Kimbo's it will go.
When I finally got to England, the first few days were no picnic (ask Sarah). I was on my period, the airline lost my luggage and I wasn't too sure about this girl who picked me to be her roommate (you know I love you now Stalin). But after a few days, I was fine. I liked the people that I lived and worked with, enjoyed the daily commute (didn't take too long for this to get old), and was having a blast in my new city.

But the one thing I remember missing, were pictures of my friends. I couldn't believe that being the scrapbooker that I am, I totally forgot to bring pictures! I don't want Kim to suffer down that same path so I created this mini altered coaster book as a way for her to carry some familiar faces along.

It's nearly exclusively Sassafras Lass products. Love their bright colors and vintage-y feel. I included pockets for notes and added stickers, die cuts and borders to festive it up a bit. It was my first stab at a coaster book and the first time I've ever done accordion style, I think I like the way it turned out. I don't know. Ask me about it later.

I hope she likes my lil gifts. I'm giving her a little bit of the past and the future to take with her. I hope she enjoys them to the fullest!



  1. I just adore everything about that coaster album. It's adorable, upbeat and fun!

  2. These are so wonderful!!! You did an awesome job with them!

  3. I love your minis. You're so creative, girl!