Family Christmas

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I just have to say kiddos + footie pjs + Chrismas = magic!

I think my nephew is adorable on any given day, but stick him in a pair of footie pjs...swoon! He's so cute I could eat him up!

I created this quick and simple page with the help of Shimelle's 4x6 Photo Love class, the March edition.

Christmas is my favorite! And I have a whole box full of Christmas supplies so it was only a matter of grabbing the box, picking some favorites, and following along with Shimelle's prompt.

There isn't a lot of technique on this one, other than using distress ink on the tags and the title. But there is a lot of layering.

I layered the letter stickers over the die cut.
And layered the glittery trees over the distress inked dies.
Then I layered a die cut border strip on top of a piece of plaid (gorgeous) Basic Grey paper and added some brads to give it dimension.

Now this is the first, of I'm sure many Urijah pages, you will be seeing over the coming month.
Because April is his birthday month! See, my lil guy is turning 2 on the 20th! (aahhh! I can hardly even believe it!) And I have this very simple goal when it comes to scrapping him: finish all of that age's scrapbook pages, before his next birthday. And I have largely succeeded in doing that. Maaainly because he's only turning 2 and I eeked in a years worth of pages at the final hour.

Want to know my secret?

Here it is: Sketchbook

It just so happened that at the beginning of April, Kelly Purkey launched her first online class. And it just so happened that I won a spot in said class, thanks to Lisa T!
And it also happens that I was unemployed and without much to do at the time.

So in that one 12 day class, I created 15 layouts for Urijah's Newborn book. I never would have done it without that extra push!

At the beginning of the year, I realized how far behind I was on Urijah pages. So I asked Ms. P about the possibility of another April class. Now, I'm not going to claim that it was all my idea but I definitely feel like I was an influencer of this one :) No need to thank me ;)

So if you haven't already, sign up.
(I think you still can)

You probably won't regret
(Although there are no guarantees)

And that's my 2¢


P.S. Whatever happened to the ¢ symbol?! I had to wikihow how to type it!

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  1. i love this page :) im so excited about Sketchbook too :) or as i keep typing, Sketchboob. hee.