Sketchbook Day 1

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get ready for Sketchbook!
Here's my first page :)
It's pretty simple and straight forward.
Clean lines, bold colors and very little technique.
(I added Maya Mist splatters to contribute some red to the page)

I used a lot of Sassafras on this! I love the company and have a lot in my stash, but rarely actually use any of it. Happy that I rectified that last night. Their new Starters line of papers are awesome backgrounds because theirs a bit more to them than just a neutral color.

These a few photos of Urijah playing in my kitchen. For some reason the people who decorated my apartment building put mirrors in all of the kitchens. Odd, I know! But that means I get 2 views of 1 sweet little boy in each of these photos.

Urijah loves to play with the baby in the mirror.
Or just hang out and chill.
Or open up all the cabinets and try to crawl into them.
Or bang on the pots and pans.

I love having him around to play!


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