Singin' in the Rain

Monday, April 25, 2011

I actually made some Studio Calico layouts with this month's Singin' in the Rain kit!
Of course, they're of Urijah :)
This is my yearly letter to him.
I like to include a letter at the end of each of his scrapbooks.
And this year's letter and scrapbook is definitely about change.

But oh, just look at those huggable/kissable cheeks of his!

I also played with some of the kit contents to create this layout I've had in my head for awhile. My original thought for these was "surveying the chaos" but using the fun weather elements I went for a Hurricane Urijah theme. Oh, and I used last month's Stretch Your Sketch layout prompt from 2Ps.

Journaling Reads:
Hurricane Urijah blows through my apartment from time to time.
Leave food, socks, puppet lions all upturned in its wake.

Footage tells us we have made it to the eye of the storm, the
part before the tail winds set in.
Where no book or sippy cup is safe in its path!

This report must note, it's definitely the cutest part of the storm.

Tomorrow's outlook: a bright sunshiney day

Here he is passed out on my chest, hugging his toy microphone all the while.

Just look at that precious wee little hand! And btw, I always love me a gray/brown/yellow themed layout!

Happy that the winds blew you my way today :)


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