Project 12: Feb & Mar

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So one's a bit late and the other is just on time :)
Such is life!

Here are my latest additions to Project 12!

February was all about love
...and pink and turquoise
...and a trip to San Francisco!
...and catching up with old friends :)
and celebrating my first in person Valentine's with MT <3

So overall very fun and happy.

I decided to use my divided 4x6 page protectors for this month's layout. It's is the first time I've ever done this type of layout, so I'm not quite sure how I feel. I don't think I'm so great with smaller spaces and making music of cluttered jumbled messes, but I think it works for this project.

I even got to cleverly include the top from our Sprinkles cupcake box!

One of my favorite little details are those plastic hearts. They're from a heart slinky if you can believe it!

I was out shopping for Urijah's birthday decorations at Party City with my Mama when I picked up the slinky and carried it around the store. I loved the color! At the cash register, Ireverted to a 6 year old and bugged her to buy it for me (it must have been less than $1). She thinks I'm crazy....

But look Ma, I put it to good use!

And now on to March. I was all over the place in March! Literally, all over the place. I was in London for training, the English countryside for touring, Scotland for work meetings, and Istanbul for holiday! I loved every single second of it, but remembered what it's like to live out of a suitcase.

I used the back end of last month's divided page protectors for this month's layout.

It seems I'm really into writing on photos. Which btw, if you haven't purchased an American Crafts Slick Writer do so now! They write like budd'a (butter in some sort of accent...)

This one feels a bit more hodge podge to me but I like the color scheme! Lime, Teal, Blue, and Pink is now one of my faves.

Perhaps I'll be on time for next month.
But somehow I doubt it...

Until next time.


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  1. Look at you, jetsetter! I really love the calendar + photo take on Project 12. You're rocking it!