Sketchbook Day 7

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I loved Day's 7 Sketch so much, I made 2 layouts!! I was especially inspired by April and Kelly's take's on the sketch.

April's layout was very simple and sweet and I think mine might be even simpler and none the less sweeter. The photos did all of the work in this one, the color choices one better.

There is literally nothing to this page but a strip of patterned paper, a strip of tape, letter stickers and a few mailing tags.

The title is a play on "Monkey See, Monkey Do" and "Now U see it, Now you don't" because Urijah was so confused about where his monkey backpack had gone!

And then we come to the requisite yearly Chucky E Cheese page. But again to be punny, I played with the title and came up with the Big Cheese.

Urijah looks so cute riding on Gpa's shoulders. And yes my Papa is big and Urijah very tiny, but there's no question of who's boss when the lil guy is around.

I also had the chance to play with this lovely Cosmo Cricket line. I think it's called Togetherness. What a perfect line for a page about family.

Oh, and a side note there's a lot of significance with the kite strings on this one :) I like to use them in my projects because I'm told the word "leija" is Finnish for kite (verified by Finn no less!) Hence my blog banner!


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