Project 12: April, May, June

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hello dear bloggie friends! My apologies for the random hiatus. I've been scrapping lately, I just haven't had the chance to blog.

The words don't come as easily to me :) But I try!

So last weekend, I got caught up on my calendar pages. 3 whole months worth! I took a bit of a break from these for one reason.

My sweet Maddie got her angel wings in April.
And it left a big black hole in heart.
And I just couldn't bring myself to document it.
But it's been 3 months now and I'm just barely getting use to the idea of her being gone and just barely able to document. I still miss her so much!

For the April calendar, I used some Pink Paislee House of Three and bits of Studio Calico.

And the accompanying picture page, is full of color. I had to include that photo of the Royal Wedding and all of it's lovely fairy tale-ness & this awesome diecut from My Minds Eye that I've had in my stash for quite a awhile. It was too perfect to not use!

May was a much busier month, in the beginning. And then it was pretty low key and restful up until the end when we went all out with a trip to New Orleans!

I used my Lawn Fawn Polaroid stamp and some Studio Calico stamps to share some of the highlights. Also btw, lately I've been loving blue! It's not one of my usual faves (aside from the Tiffany's/robins egg/teal variety) but lately I've been using it quite a lot.

And then on to June, which led to a lot of activites, but not a lot of pictures!! What the heck was I thinking not taking a picture with my high school best friend, as we had dinner for the first time in 4 years?! What was I thinking when I had everyone over to my house for a pizza party to convince Susie to not be scared about her upcoming trip to Amsterdam?!

But alas, it's true. I do not have any photos of these oh so fun events.

I did however, have a few photos from date night, baby-sitting Urijah, and our weekend trip to San Antonio. Well, of some of the food we ate but none of me and my Grandpa! The entire reason why I'd driven out to San Antonio in the first place!

In the words of my mid western boyfriend, oh geez!

I guess I haven't learned!


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