J3 Team

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is the money shot! Team J3 out in the wild =)

I did a lot of day tripping out of London, with these two characters: Josh on my left (as you look at this photo) and Jonathan or Tash on my right. Hence, the J3!

Joshie had a guidebook, it was something about Trips out of London, and we'd just flip through it until we found a place we wanted to visit. Dover was our first day trip.

It was so much fun traveling with these guys. We're all pretty low key and relaxed, just content to hop on a train, jump off and explore for a day.

I love this photo of the 3 of us near the seaside in Dover. I used a sheet of Sassafras Basics paper (one of my favorite go to lines) and just added a few extra elements.

Like the row of punched circles and the 3 metal studs.

And then I stamped the circle chain (which is messy because I forgot my acrylic block and just had to go for it!) added some punched circles and letter stickers.

I'd love to have a J3 reunion one of these. Boys let's make it happen!


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