Mind the Gap

Friday, July 15, 2011

More Scrap & Yap layouts!! I adore how this mini is turning out. I totally just went for it at this crop, didn't plan a thing.

This was my first layout of the day. But it didn't always look like this. It didn't have the border punched strip or the gray on top. But it was missing something up there, so I cut a strip of the blue off of the bottom, flipped it over (it was double sided) and anchored it with the Kraft backed by this awesome geometric print from the Mind the Gap kit.

Oh, and I added an Ali Edwards digital element to the photo before I printed it out. Just to give it something extra, ya know?

This was the view of the city from the top of the castle. The sad fact is, I don't even remember it. But I'm so glad I have this photo now! I do remember how windy it was out there, and I remember talking with my friend Josh. Sigh...it was a good day. I miss having friends around!

But onwards and upwards,

So I really love circles, in case you haven't been able to tell. And by love I mean obsessed!! It seems like all of my pages feature some kind of circle design.

For this page, I punched a bunch of 2 in circles out of scrap paper and used them as masks, layered them on a sheet of paper that came with the album, and hit it with Mister Huey in Barnwood (which btw, you all know how much I love gray. I officially have my second favorite color, after white of course!) and then filled in the circles with photos and punched patterned paper, stamps and even did some heat embossing.

It was a fun page and an easy way to combine a bunch of random photos. And I have to add, I love this color scheme! In case you weren't able to tell ;)

Cheers, bye!


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