LBD March Wrap-up

Friday, March 22, 2013

The kit is in the bag so to speak. Well literally, the remaining bits and baubles are packaged up in a Hefty Jumbo ziplock.

For my first month as a Little Black Dress design team member, I think I did good by this kit. I managed to make 3-12x12 layouts, 6 Cards, 3-8 1/2x11 layouts, and 1 mini book!

I can't promise it will be like this every month. But I can promise a few staples projects/posts that you can expect from me!

I've really been thinking about the concept of the Little Black Dress and how it applies to my scrapbooking. The handy wikipedia article I just linked describes the LBD as "long-lasting, versatile, affordable...considered essential to a complete wardrobe...can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion."

I think all of these concepts can be applied to your approach to design. And so I'd like to take each month to focus on my own LBDs. These can be techniques, tools, design principles, etc. etc. But basically, they're wonderful concepts that can be repeated time and again. No matter the kit! No matter the color scheme! No matter the layout/project size!

Here are just a few of the LBDs I definitely plan to challenges myself to every month:

The black cardstock challenge! Every month my goal is to create a kit layout with a sheet of black cardstock. I don't often turn to this rich hue in my scrapbooking and it's a shame. The color adds great elegance to design and most definitely to my scrapbook. Perhaps this is entirely too literal but I'm pinning away great black color schemes anyway! Check out my inspiration board here.

The black and white photo challenge! Because no matter the kit, no matter the colors, a black a white photo will go with just about everything!! It's one of my often turned to LBDs. If I can't get the colors to work, converting the photo to b&w instantly solves this problem.

Less of an LBD and more of a personal challenge to myself, I'd really like to attempt a card making tutorial using each kit. I'm always looking for ways to stretch my supplies. Using die cuts, punches and scraps is the perfect way for me to make not just one card but several, using the kit.

As you can probably tell, I'm a tad excited to be part of this design team ;) And I'm SO excited to share all these crazy ideas with you! And I promise, it won't be Little Black Dress kits 24/7. There's so much in my stash just begging to be played with. But, I have to add, my scrapbook LBDs aren't going anywhere. They're here to stay! 

Can anyone guess one or two of my LBD approaches? (Besides the ones I've listed here) There just might be a teeny tiny prize for someone who can correctly name one of my LBDs.

But what about you?! What are you LBDs? Those handy tools, techniques, color schemes that you find yourself turning to over and over again. I'd love to hear about them so please comment and share!

cheers & besos,

P.S. I recognized the boo-boo I made when putting together the image of all of my March kit projects. The kit is actually called A Chance for Luck! Whoopsy =/

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