Real Talk

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello lovlies! Happy March to you all. I wanted to post a quick update on Product Free 2013. I know at least a few of yall had asked about my progress. And I have to say I was doing really well! Only spending money on photo paper/prints, a class here or there. And then ok, I may have snuck in a tub of sequins or two.

But then!

wait for it....

This very awesome opportunity came along and I couldn't pass it up! =)

I'm very excited to announce that I'm one of the new members of

That means goodies are going to be delivered to my door every month. Which I'm very excited about. But it also means Product Free 2013 is going to have to go away for now.

I'm going to remain strong. And try try try to only get new supplies from the kits! But we all know how that goes, one piece of cardstock here, a washi tape there and then bam! You've opened the floodgates.

So I'll "confess" now that I went to Archivers last week and used my buy $40 get $10 off coupon. But man, I was sooo good! My bill came to $30.68 I was so good :) Not ostentatious purchasing for me, just a few really great products that I will definitely use.

But enough of that. I get to share a few sneaks of my projects. I only had last night & this morning to play with the kit, my schedule has been so crazy. But I still managed to eek out 3 pages and 2 cards! 

Can't wait to show my first LBDKit projects! Check back on the 7th for the full reveal here on my blog.

Love you all for understanding. I truly wanted to hold out and remain Product Free in 2013. But some opportunities are just too good to pass up =)

cheers & besos,