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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ssshhh! I'm sharing my secrets to scrapbook success. And they all have to do with the latest and greatest technology. 

I really feel like my pages have been elevated thanks to these three gadgets and gizmos.

The Cameo has been put to work on just about every layout I've made lately. From titles to custom embellishments, I'm absolutely loving the ease of creating completely unique cuts for my pages!

What else has revolutionized my scrapbooking? Being able to print from home! Including large format =) I love the ease of printing at exactly the size I want. I don't plan pages very far in advance if it all. So having the flexibility to print on the fly is sooo helpful, not to mention less wasteful. Just about all of the photos I've scrapbooked this year were printed at home.

Speaking of photo printing, I'm in love with my RadLab!! Every photo I have is getting put through the gizmo, even if its just to lighten a bit. Can't wait to show you the romantically warm and faded photos I used for one of my Little Black Dress April Kit pages.

What about you? Are you using technology to enhance your scrapbooking? What are you using? Comment and let me know!

cheers & besos,

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