Being a Girl

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hiya! I have another Scrapbook Circle kit layout to share. I so love working with these kits! They have the best mix of the latest and greatest products.

This month, Tessa asked me to work with the My Mind's Eye confetti from the Let's Do This main kit. I lived the variety of shapes and colors and had fun laying out this pattern. I was inspired by this piece of wall decor that I saw on Em Henderon's (a lovely interior designer) instagram account. 
Arranging them in this sunburst pattern added more impact, I think. And just a few sequins went a long way. I was really strategic about where I placed them. What you see is what you get, I wasn't letting a single bauble get covered up by photos or paper.
I have to add that I did this page backwards. I started with the sequins and the stitching, knowing I'd add a 4x6 photo to the page. But I didn't have a photo in mind when I started. I just created the base! And then I got stuck. I wasn't sure what I wanted to scrapbook so I left it for a few days.
I asked my boyfriend to weigh in and he suggested making a page about my nephew. But my response to him was, "No, it's too girly!" But there was my answer.

I decided to make a page about some of the awesome parts about being a girl! Fun make-up and lipsticks, gorgeous perfume bottles and pretty dresses. Plus fun female role models!
I staged my own mini still life photo shoot with stuff from my apartment and printed the photos out in a variety of different sizes, that I then hid behind my main photo.  I ended up creating a flip book on my page. Scroll down and you'll see the front and backs of each of the "flips" (what I just named them).
I've done this kind of thing on a few different projects and love the interactive element it adds. (Other flip projects found here)
The other day I found myself wishing for clear washi tape, you know, one you can't see. Then I had a "duh doi" moment when I realized they make that. It's called tape, Jamie. About a million places sell it. That's what I used to make my flips. I could have easily gone with something decorative but like the cleaner look for this page.
At the bottom of the pile was a list of 10 reasons I am loving about being a girl (although #10 is kind of a throw away).
I so love how this page came together! And I'm happy I didn't take the easy way out. I could have just used the photo of me with my new haircut and called it a day.

It was more work to stage and take the photos, edit and print them all out. But now that's it's done and the extra effort was expended, I'm so pleased with the result.
Tessa blogged about this layout on the Scrapbook Circle blog today. You can read more here.

cheers & besos,

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