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Monday, April 6, 2015

Hiya! I've been very bad a blogging. I know this and I'm sorry. I think part of is this whole picture taking thing (pictures of my projects that is). At the moment, I'm just so frustrated by it! I need to figure out my sweet spot. My results these days are so inconsistent and that is driving me nuts. Anyone have any brilliant tips they want to share? I need to re-listen to PRT219-Acrylic Block Behind It.
But enough about my frustrations and onto some fun stuff! I wanted to share a new "series" I've started, called Scrapbook Inspiration. It's all about my escapades in scrap lifting or drawing inspiration from unusual sources.

For this post, I wanted to share how I used Sasha Farina's Currently layout as inspiration for my own Currently layout. Sasha was kind enough to let me feature her page on this blog, but be sure to visit her blog: Sasha Farina. Paper. Play.

Sasha is part of Ali Edward's creative team and she used the Prompts class content for this page. I'm a subscriber to Ali's kits and am so excited to finally use some of the awesome things I've received!
I love Sasha's page! I love the white background with the one tiny circular photo and all of those tiny embellishments. I loved the hand stitching and the colors! I also loved the topic. I had been wanting to create a page about what I'd been reading and eating and watching and wearing and loving.

So this is my take. You'll notice it's reminiscent, a clear derivative, but not identical. 
I love how Sasha had a few journaling blocks in the middle of the page, so I did the same in a similar font. 

I love her small circular photo so I included my own circular photo, but converted mine to black and white. I love her little clusters of embellishments around her photo so I attempted to add the same feel on this page.
I loved Sahsa's sticking so I stitched too! But instead of one big title, I stitched five tiny "Currently's" in different colored threads. 

Before the stitching I stamped a border stamp in a coordinating color. I had fun going back through my stamps to see what I could use. 
You'll notice that everything is dated from December of last year. Yeah, that's right 3 full months ago! I had 95% of this page done then. But I didn't put the finishing touches (the currently die cut, the asterisk, enamel dot and puffy heart) on until last month. My procrastinating knows no bounds!

I'm so glad I finally blogged this page…even though it isn't so current. Thanks again to Sasha for the original inspiration and for allowing me to share your page!

cheers & besos,

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  1. I'm impressed with your stitching --- it looks great but I don't think I have the patience. I saw Sasha's layout and really liked it as well. Thanks for sharing your work!