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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

First order of business, announcing the winner of the Scrapbook Circle goodies giveaway. picked commenter number two, who was Sandi! 
Congrats Sandi! I will e-mail you shortly.

Secondly, I finished my Finishing Project!!! I'm so excited to have completed this. And only 18 months after the event :) I'm actually not bothered that it took so long. I'm just happy that it's done! 

I couldn't have done it without Jennifer's fantastic class and all of the great prompts and worksheets. They totally helped me clarify my vision and keep me on track. 

To see where I started, check out this post. I so naively thought I wasn't far from being done because my photos were printed and I'd picked a few background papers. 

As you will see, the book had quite a transformation. I re-ordered a few things, re-printed several photos, added in tons of inserts. I repeated several of the designs on multiple pages (See last few photos on this post).

It wasn't easy. It's just so hard to pick up momentum that you've lost. I had to fight my way through most of this (although some of it was easy) mini book. That's not to say it wasn't fun. It was just a mental hurdle I needed to overcome.

I'm extremely proud of myself and this little mini. If you have any questions about products or techniques I'm more than happy to answer them in the comments! For now, I'll let the photos do the talking. But beware, there are a ton!

cheers & besos,

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