Chicago-Wardrobe Selections

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm off to Chicago tomorrow. It was time. I go for a few months without getting on a plane and the twitching starts. I can't help it. I'm now programmed to travel!

I'm so excited for this mini trip. It's me and my Mama, off for a long girls weekend in a new city. Neither of us has been before, so we don't really know what to expect. But as long as it's the two of us together, I'm not at all worried. She's a friggin blast (and adorable to boot)!!

But in preparation for our visit, wardrobe packing has been highly discussed. I'm all for packing light and picking up new goodies in the places I visit. She's more for being prepared for any scenario (the lady is packing two hoodies bc one won't be enough!)

Here's what I'm planning to pack:

1-Pair of pants
1-Pair of walking shoes
1-Pair of flip flops
1-Pair of wedges

I'll probably end up throwing an extra pair of shorts in for good measure. Plus of course the whole gamete of undergarments, make up & hair utensils. I'll post my packed bag in the morning. But really wanted to show off how versatile just those few items can be. Lots of mixing and matching, and the shoes let me dress everything either up or down.

More stuffs coming at you tomorrow. I'll also post about the scrapbook/photography items I'll be taking along for the ride. Until then...

cheers & besos,

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