Travel Birthday Cards

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's class time!!! I'm so excited about Camp Scrap guys. This morning I woke up and read all the handouts. And today, because I got out of work a bit early, I came home and watched the videos. 

Day one and I'm having fun! So much fun I made a few cards. They weren't really inspired by the class or the videos. I really just wanted to make something after seeing May craft a few of her projects. She was just so excited, I couldn't help myself. Infectious (in a good way) would be the best way to describe May =)

So here we go!

Kim & Eric (the ones that just got married) are off for their honeymoon on Monday. It was a bit delayed, mainly because they're teachers and wanted to wait for summer. But coincidentally (or perhaps not) it's also their birthdays next week. (Seriously, could they not be the cutest couple?!) I made them a few travel themed birthday cards to celebrate!

Kim's card is airmail themed. I just wanted to use that tape really! I pulled some stickers and chipboard and then grabbed a London themed post it tab to stamp her birthdate on. I like including people's birthdays on their cards or on the envelopes. It adds a ton of personalization with literally no effort.

And since Eric is Mr. Outdoors, I so wanted his to be boy-ish and rugged. I knew I had to use that compass. It just screams ERIC to me. I also got inky and used my stamps and mists to jazz up the card base.

I love how these look together. I had so much fun making them. And I've discovered that I like making cards with people in mind rather than just random creations. I think they come out so much better!

And I so love these two people. They are the cutest and the most fun. I hope they have a blast on their honeymoon. They deserve it!

That's all for today folks. But I'l be back soon with Little Black Dress kit pages and a few videos, I started one of my summer projects and I'll be talking about what I'm planning and how I'm working through this class. See guys, a totally great summer!

cheers & besos,

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