LBD: First Week in London

Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Monday yall! I hope you each had lovely weekends. 

Secretly, I don't hate Mondays. I actually like the new start that we get each and every week. Tuesdays on the other hand...they're the worst ;)

But speaking of new starts, today I wanted to share my latest Little Black Dress Kit Club layout, which is all about my first week living in London.

So much went wrong that week! My baggage was lost, my flat mates declared war on each other, I was on my period, my straightener exploded!!! All little things, but when you start a brand new adventure in a foreign country, you kind of want things to go well.

It didn't take long for things to turn around. As you can clearly see. I mean I was in London for goodness sake! But it definitely got off to a rocky start.


Since I had so much journaling (which I started out with this time!) and all those great photos, I knew I needed to make this layout a double spread.

For the page, I cut down some of the fabulously awesome patterned papers that came in the kit. Then I backed each photo with one design. This is why I love working with double sided paper so much. They're so versatile!

I roughed up the edges of the patterned paper to add some texture. And again, I love that you can see some of the patterns on the other sides of the paper because of that.


After that, my embellishments were pretty minimal. I added some of the scraps to the edges of the cardstock and hand stitched down the center with white (I fought with my sewing machine for about an hour, attempt to just sew a straight line in white thread, but sadly I had to concede the battle was lost....) thread.

I also added some tape here and there and some of the fabulous ribbon that came in the kit. The final bit was printing my journaling on vellum and adding it, along with the title, to the page for the win!

cheers & besos,

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