Summer Goals

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's back on!

Earlier this year, I decided to stop my scrapbook spending and focus instead on stash busting. But then something awesome happened and it had to end. This summer though, I've decided the diet is back on.

It got bad again guys...I just couldn't not hit buy on all of the very pretty things I was seeing.

It's cool. I've slowly backed away from the computer and stashed my debit card.

But the summer of my no scrapbook shopping has begun.

Same rules still apply, I do get to buy adhesive and refills when needed. But no new Thickers or Patterned Papers. Stamps or Stickers. No ma'am. Na ah. It's over, all done.

I'm working on doing some light purging, so I'll have a RAK up here in a few days. But for now and as of June 1st, I'm officially on the wagon.

Now that that's out the way, I thought it'd be a great time to talk about summer goals.

I seriously cannot believe it's already June. Where has 2013 gone?! But guys, I'm seriously excited for the summer to be here. 

Even though I'm working full time, there's just something about the summer months  that make you feel like you're going to get a break. Or that hectic life schedules will slow down for once. And that you'll have some free time. It might be a myth or a fallacy, but at least it feels that way to me.

Here's a few summer projects I'm hoping to tackle:
  • 01-03. Finish three paper projects. I'm planning to create the Grandparents Mini,  Note Mini and Japan Mini that I've bought suppliers for and never got around to making!
  • 04-06. Start three paper projects. I've semi-started one, but am excited to start two other new mini books. Geez, this is starting to sound like the summer of the mini!
  • 07. Update blog design. Done last night! Well really the wee hours of this morning.
  • 08. Catch up on classes. Specifically, I want to read through my Maggie Holmes Photo class (she's not even doing them anymore, that's how behind I am on this class!) and Wilna's Art class. But I'm also signed up for Camp Scrap and Hello Story this summer and I'm soo excited! Summer school at it's best!
  • 09. Organize ephemera. That's going to help me get started on one of those paper projects I'm hoping to create. It's going to take some time and a lot of organization, but I'm excited about it.
  • 10. Create art. I've had this idea in my head for a piece of wall art I'd like to make, for awhile now. I just haven't done it. I think this summer's the perfect time to get it done.
  • 11. Decorate guest room. It's a junk room really. All of the stuff I don't know what to do with is just lined up against a wall. Something needs to be done and it should be today or tomorrow, I'm thinking it'll happen. Maybe...
  • 12. Walk 100 miles. I have a pedometer and the Nike fitness app. Plus plans for when to do this (Saturday morning & Monday night, plus Zumba on Wednesdays). It's getting done this year.
  • 13. Take pictures. I need more things to scrapbook. I've been so not inspired by my photos a lot  lately and that needs to change. So I'm determined to capture more. Not just with my iPhone but also with that fancy camera I invested all that money in. Plus this goes well with Goal No. 08. Let's throw a number at it, I'd like 100 new scrapbook worthy photos to add to my catalog this summer.

So there you go. I didn't really intend for there to be 13 but once I started, I thought why not?

I'm excited about this summer. I've already decided, it's going to be epic!

cheers & besos,


  1. "no new Thickers or Patterned Papers. Stamps or Stickers. No ma'am. Na ah. It's over, all done." <--- The very thought of this shakes me to the core. I stand in awe of you!

    1. haha! Love it :) but you should seriously see my stash. it's nutso!