My Wish: Sketch

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Wish

This is the last and final page of Urijah's 0-12 month baby album. It feels so good to have it done! I wasn't really sure what to do on the last page, but since I'd made it through 40 pages and countless hours, I figured I was in a position to write him a note. The sketch over at Handmade Love, had the perfect spot for some lengthy journaling. Product from October Afternoon's Report Card line did the rest.

So here's the breakdown of Urijah's album:

Over 12 months, I amassed appoxamately 1487 photos of my favorite little dude.
Of those 1487 photos, 112 made it into a 40 page 8x8 scrapbook.

Just goes to show, that you don't have to scrap every photo, in order to make a memorable book. I'm so proud to have this book completed. It's the first project of its kind that I can officially call done.

Here's a glimpse at the completed project.

Thank you for coming on this scrappy journey with me!



  1. It must feel good to have got this done.
    Good for you

  2. very cool jamie!!! he will love this someday when he can go back and read it!