Sketchbook Days 11 & 12

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So the Sketchbook class that had me so inspired has finally come to an end. I'm so thankful to have been given the opportunity to participate. I truly believe that I would be nowhere near as close to completing Urijah's 0-12 month scrapbook, otherwise. So without further adieu, here are my final pages.

The Story:
I love these photo of Christin with Urijah. He was so tiny and so adorable all curled up on his mama. He still so brand new, only 5 days old! These are just a few of photos of him sleeping as a newborn. Like I might have mentioned in a previous post, he was always awake!

The Page:
All the patterned paper is October Afternoon, from their Ducks in a Row line! My absolute favorite baby themed line. It has great colors and fun patterns, not mention the ducks (not on this layout). I added a lot of faux stitching to this page in order to give it a more quilted homey mommy feel.

The Story:
This is one of my favorite photos of Urijah as a baby. He looks so much like my brother! He's just a tiny Johnny staring back at me. He was very relaxed and mellowed out when I took the photo. Tia Jamie and Grandma had just given him a bath.

The Page:
The title is a play off of that awesome K&Co 3D sticker, and the sticker is meant to reflect Urijah's little onesie. They're all intertwined together. It's also where I got the color palette for this layout. I really liked the orange and that seafoam green together. I mimicked Kelly Purkey with my tone on tone strips and cut the title with my Slice.

Thanks KP for putting together a truly inspiring class! 12 sketches prompted 15 layouts! In just over 2 weeks, I doubled all of the pages I'd done of Urijah's first year. Like I said, nearly finished with this year long project of mine. All thanks to a handful of sketches.


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